We live in an amazing and astounding universe. Come and learn about where we live, our own Solar System, the stars, constellations, galaxies, black holes and much more. Astronomy is a fascinating journey of discovery in which the story is still being told…

We will learn about the pioneers of Astronomy, from the builders of Stonehenge through Galileo and Copernicus to the Hubble Space Telescope.

We will advise on the use, care and purchase of stargazing equipment, such as binoculars and telescopes, as well as use the Institutes own 20cm telescope to view the stars and planets in our own backyard.

By the end of the course, you will take away a knowledge and understanding of the universe that will inspire and amaze you to further explore the universe on your own.

Weather permitting, there will be practical sessions using the Institute’s 20 cm telescope and a field trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

No previous knowledge of Astronomy is necessary.

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